Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage Uv Sterilizer

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The best way you can keep your pond water clear is by using a UV sterilizer. Having excess nutrients in water can be detrimental, as it leads to green water algae problem. An ultraviolet sterilizer functions by passing water through a tube adjacent to a bulb with a high intensity light. It kills the microscopic algae that probably causes the green algae problem. At Everything Koi, we provide Aqua Ultraviolet ADVANTAGE UV Sterilizer to serve this purpose with perfection.

Key Features Of Aqua Ultraviolet ADVANTAGE UV Sterilizer

The Advantage series of Aqua Ultraviolet UV sterilizer is an ideal choice for sterilization of ponds. It helps in restricting the amount of detrimental bacteria and create a healthy environment for the pond eco system. Some of the key features include:

  • Clears Pond Up To 2000 Gallon Size With 3/4th Plant Coverage
  • Power Range: 8W-15W
  • Max Flow: 700 GPH As Sterilizer And 1800 GPH As Clarifier
  • Lightweight Material
  • Easy To Handle
  • …and more!

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