Aquascape Ecoblast Granular Algaecide

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Aquascape Ecoblast Granular Algaecide

Aquascape Ecoblast Granular Algaecide removes algae and other organic debris on your waterfalls, fountains, streams, and rock on contact. Follow the directions on the side of the bottle to make sure it works to the best of it's abilities. Add Aquascape Ecoblast Granular Algaecide to the affected area and you will see it start to work like magic! Aquascape Ecoblast Granular Algaecide can be used any time of the year. 

Key Features Of Aquascape Ecoblast Granular Algaecide

  • Eliminates algae on contact
  • Fast acting
  • Can be used at any water temperature
  • Ideal for waterfalls and streams
  • To be used as a spot treatment
  • .....and more!

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