Aquascape Net Classic Skimmer

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Ponds can collect debris over time. Without any means to remove debris, they can settle into the bottom of the pond and decay. A pond is a closed system wherein anything that decays in the water will affect its quality and will potentially harm the precious koi. This is why a pond skimmer is essential to a koi pond. Everything Koi has a range of pond skimmer products from different brands. Replacement parts, like the Aquascape Net Classic Skimmer, are also available if there is a need to change expendable components of the skimmer.

Key Features Of Aquascape Net Classic Skimmer

The Aquascape Net Classic Skimmer is an important part of the Aquascape skimmer. It is where large debris is caught as pond water passes through. It effectively eliminates unwanted rubbish from entering into the pond. Let's find out more about its key features:

  • Compatible with The Aquascape Classic Series
  • Comes in Grand, Large, And Standard Sizes
  • Fully Taped and Seam Sealed
  • Has A Complete Enclosure
  • Comes with Moisture Protection
  • Made with Quality Materials
  • Guaranteed to Last Long
  • … and more!

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Since our inception, Everything Koi is committed to providing koi enthusiasts with the best products for koi pond maintenance. We know how important it is to keep the pond water in good quality for the koi to survive. Pond skimmers can contribute to maintaining a cleaner pond and that's why we have the best ones in our inventory. The Aquascape Net Classic Skimmer is a quality replacement for your Aquascape Classic Series skimmer. Get it from our SSL-encrypted website and experience a faster and more secure checkout.

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