Atlantic Rock Lid For Ps 4000 /4500 /4600 /4900

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Koi will not thrive in a dirty pond. They need a clean, sufficiently aerated, and effectively-filtered pond. That is exactly why a pond skimmer is essential in koi pond maintenance. It efficiently removes unwanted debris before they get into the pond. With a pond skimmer, you can ensure that no large debris will contaminate the water, which creates a healthier environment for your koi. Everything Koi carries a wide range of pond skimmers from reputable brands and including their replacement parts. We offer the Atlantic Rock Lid for PS 4000/4500/4600/4900 should there be a need to replace a broken or lost one.

Key Features Of Atlantic Rock Lid for PS 4000 /4500 /4600 /4900

Atlantic has a lot of choices when it comes to skimmers. The best thing about their skimmers is that they make sure they will not affect the pond design. Other key features of the Atlantic Rock Lid for PS4000/4500/4600/4900 include:

  • Designed To Match The Existing Pond Scape
  • Made With Fiberglass
  • Has Realistic Textures
  • Features Incredible Finishes
  • Comes In Three Designs: Desert, Lakes, And Mountain
  • …and more!

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