Atlantic Rock Lid For Ps3900

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Koi are very sensitive. They can easily get stressed out during sudden environment changes. This is why it is important that a reliable filtration system is installed in a koi pond. A skimmer is one of the ways that pond water gets filtrated. Debris can break down and contaminate pond water and affect its natural balance. With a skimmer, large debris is prevented from entering into the pond. The Atlantic PS 3900 is a stellar choice when it comes to pond skimmers. You can buy it and its spare parts, including the Atlantic Rock Lid for PS3900.

Key Features Of Atlantic Rock Lid for PS3900

The Atlantic PS 3900 is an important addition to a pond filtration system. With the Atlantic Rock Lid for PS3900, you get to have a quality replacement that looks attractive. Other significant features of this item are:

  • Compatible With The PS3900 Skimmer
  • Constructed Using High-Quality Fiberglass
  • Precast From Natural Rock
  • Lightweight
  • Natural-Looking
  • Available In Four Colors
  • …and more!

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