Atlantic Skimmer Mat Kit

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A pond is peaceful sanctuary in your backyard. But if you will not clean it constantly, all that you will have is an eye sore. Maintaining a pond can be daunting with the effort that you need to put into it. A pond skimmer is an effective method of reducing the workload involved in pond maintenance. At Everything Koi, you can find different kinds of pond skimmers from reputable brands. There are also spare parts, like the Atlantic Skimmer Mat Kit, to ensure that your skimmer will work great at all times.

Key Features Of Atlantic Skimmer Mat Kit

Atlantic skimmers are effective at pulling debris out from the water surface. It will work at its best when it has the Atlantic Skimmer Mat Kit. Other key features of the Atlantic Skimmer Mat Kit include:

  • Comes With A Matala Filter Mat
  • Already Built With A Support Frame
  • Features Three Stages Of Mechanical Filtration
  • The Filter Pad Performs Biological Filtration
  • Allows Free-Flowing Water To Prevent Clogging
  • Needs Cleaning Only Once Or Twice A Year
  • Filter Pad May Be Replaced Once Signs Of Wear Show Up
  • … and more!

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