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Mechanical filtration is an important process to remove unwanted debris from a koi pond. It typically involves a filtration unit that collects all kinds of dirt and other particles from the pond water. Physical removal of debris, however, is not enough to keep a pond clean. There is also a need to have biological filtration wherein beneficial bacteria detoxifies and purifies the water further. The Evolution Aqua K+ PRESSURE FILTERS from Everything Koi utilizes both kinds of filtration to ensure a thoroughly-cleaned koi pond. Now with the new and improved K+ media.

Key Features Of Evolution Aqua K+ PRESSURE FILTERS

The Evolution Aqua K+ PRESSURE FILTERS is a new and improved filtration system that does not use conventional beads as principle filter media. Its key features include:

  • Improved mechanical and biological filtration
  • Better water flow
  • Reduced pump back pressure
  • Durable
  • Improved internal pipework design
  • … and more!

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At Everything Koi, we guarantee our customers that we have a complete line of products for koi pond maintenance. We constantly look for current innovations in keeping koi ponds healthy and clean. The Evolution Aqua K+ PRESSURE FILTERS, for example, is a revolutionary product that uses K1 Micro beads instead of the conventional filter media. This allows for a new and highly improved filtering performance. We also see to it that our clients will have the best shopping experience through our SSL-encrypted website.

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