Pond Bomb (Counter top display c/w 36 packs)

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Described by those who have used it as a fast-acting, reliable solution, Pond Bomb (widely known as Pond Shock) is just what you need to achieve a healthy pond and boost water clarity. It is ideal, not just for koi ponds but also for self-contained water features and ornamental ponds which have no conventional filtration. The product is designed to clean organic waste in ponds using a unique combination of enzymes and friendly bacteria. It works by breaking down nitrite and ammonia, leaving your pond healthy and crystal clear. At Everything Koi, we offer Pond Bomb (Counter top display c/w 36 packs) at an affordable rate to help you manage your pond with ease.

Key Features Of Pond Bomb (Counter Top Display C/W 36 Packs)

  • Boosts Water Clarity
  • Quickly Breaks Down Ammonia And Nitrite
  • Works Well With Or Without Pond Filters
  • Restores Biological Equilibrium
  • Easy To Use
  • Has A High Concentration Healthy Bacteria And Enzymes

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