Pure Filter Start Gel 1Ltr

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Koi cannot survive in a dirty pond. That is why you must invest in pond care products to ensure that your koi can thrive. The products you choose should be easy to use, gentle on koi, and affordable. One such product is the Pure Filter Start Gel 1Ltr. It is a live, concentrated bacteria culture designed for use in pond filters. It works by sticking to the filter and allowing the nitrifying bacteria, it is rich in, to rapidly colonize the filter. Once the filter is fully coated with the Pure Filter Start Gel, the beneficial bacteria used to make up the gel speeds up the maturation of filter media as it converts ammonia and nitrite. The end result is a thriving pond with healthier koi.

Key Features of Pure Filter Start Gel 1 Ltr

  • Very Effective
  • Easy To Use
  • Made Up Of Beneficial Bacteria
  • Available In 1 And 2.5Ltr Packs
  • 1Ltr Treats Up to 10,000 Litres

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