K1 Media - 25 Litres

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K1 Media - 25 Litres

A perfect pump filter and stellar water condition – that’s what K1-Media – 25 Litres guarantees. But there’s more to this filter than just these two perks. For starters, it is affordable. Then there’s the fact that the science behind it has been tried, tested and proven to work. It’s when shaped and slightly buoyant to make colonization of harmful bacteria easy and fast.

Key Features of K1 Media – 25 Litres

The near neutral buoyancy of the media allows each piece to circulate throughout the pond with minimal water flow. The media also removes harmful nitrite and ammonia from water, creating a perfect environment for koi to breed and thrive. Within the wheel-shaped structure of the wheel lies a protected membrane, which makes it possible for bacteria to follow their life cycle naturally. They mature, dye, and then fuel the latter stages of the nitrification process. In a nutshell, K1 Media is designed to provide a safe habitat for beneficial bacteria which in turn provide perfect living conditions for koi. Other perks include:

  • Creates A Thriving Environment For Koi
  • Requires Little Maintenance
  • Works Fast
  • Very Affordable
  • … and more!

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