K1 Media - 3 Litres

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K1 Media - 3 Litres

It is hard to come across filter equipment and parts that guarantee value for money, so when you finally come across K1 Media – 3 Litres, you know for sure you have a special product. It leaves your pump filter in an excellent condition, the water in a stellar condition but most importantly, the media filter ensures your koi thrive.

Key Features of K1 Media – 3 Litres

Tried, tested and proven to work, K1 Media has a simple concept behind it. Its wheel shape results in near neutral buoyancy, a perk that makes it easy for each media piece to circulate within the pond with minimal water flow. The media is also made up of a unique substance designed to remove harmful nitrite from the water. The media then colonizes harmful bacteria so as to create a safe habitat for koi. Notable features include:

  • Creates A Thriving Environment For Koi
  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Requires Little Maintenance
  • Creates A Safe Koi Habitat
  • Very Affordable
  • … and more!

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