27" Japanese Imported Showa Live Koi Fish - T08

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27" Japanese Imported Showa Live Koi Fish - T08

Variety: Showa

Breeder: Torazo 

Inches: 27

Showa - (showah) : Full name is Showa Sanshoku  but mostly often just referred to as Showa. The Koi has a black body, with red and white markings across the body. The amount of white (Shiro) will be less than with a Kohaku and Sanke and the amount of black (Sumi) will be more than with a Sanke. It is part of the Gosanke Group along with Kohaku and Sanke.

All of our koi are hand-picked in Japan and brought back to the US. We choose from the best breeders and offer a wide variety that include every variety we can get our hands on. All of the koi are quarantined for a minimum of 4 weeks, during that time we perform slime coat swipes and various other tests to check for any parasites/illnesses and medicate as necessary. Our goal is to provide you with healthy, beautiful koi that you will enjoy for years to come.