Blue Heron Decoy Without/ Legs

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You have invested a significant amount of time and money into building your pond and populating it with ornamental fishes. Before you get too comfy, it is imperative that you protect your investment against predators, such as the Great Blue Heron. In the United States, herons have been plaguing many pond owners mercilessly. They strike so quickly that your precious koi have no chance to avoid or escape. Get stellar predator deterrents such as the Laguna Blue Heron Decoy from Everything Koi today!

Key Features Of Laguna Blue Heron Decoy without Legs

These blue heron decoys by Laguna will add life to your pond or water garden while protecting it against predators. Below is a quick look at the product's main features:

  • 28.75 X 39.25 Inches High
  • Deters Real Herons from Dining and Roosting at Your Pond
  • Serves as A Decoration
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Wear-Resistant
  • Plastic Blow Molded for Extra Durability
  • … and more!

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