K1 MicroBead24 FILTER (9,600 Gallons)

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A filter is an essential component of a koi pond. It is critical to have a reliable filtration system in order to keep a clean and healthy environment for the koi and the aquatic plants in the pond. There are basically two types of filtration systems: mechanical and biological. The K1 Microbead24 Filter (9,600 Gallons) from Everything Koi is a great filter as it can perform both kinds of filtration. It mechanically cleans by collecting wastes from the water. Since there is a lot of surface area that can harbor beneficial bacteria, the pond is further cleaned by the biological detoxification of the water.

Key Features Of K1 Microbead24 Filter (9,600 Gallons)

The K1 Microbead24 Filter (9,600 Gallons) has been redesigned for improved filtration performance. Its key features include:

  • Improved mechanical filtration
  • Better biological filtration
  • Improved water flow
  • Reduced pump back pressure
  • Improved internal design
  • Increased safe surface area
  • Safe for both fish and plants
  • … and more!

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At Everything Koi, we encourage pond owners to be aware about the new innovations in koi pond maintenance. The revolutionary K1 Microbead24 Filter (9,600 Gallons) is an efficient equipment to consider if you want to benefit from the two kinds of filtration system. Rather than using conventional bead filters, the pond will be clearer with the help of K1 micro beads. You may shop for this product securely through our SSL-encrypted website.

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