Pond Fish Net 17" Head W/ 70" Telescopic Handle

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If you have a pond at your home or workplace, you need to maintain it just like you need to maintain a garden. If not, it can be detrimental not only for the koi fishes, but also the environment. At Everything Koi, we offer an amazing range of pond and fish nets to catch fishes carefully, while also covering the pond from leaves and predators. All our products have been designed to last long.

Key Features Of Pond Fish Net 17” Head w/ 70” Telescopic Handle

The Pond Fish Net has been designed for easy and quick removal of debris and leaves. The sturdy construction with a fine mesh allows for easy collection of debris, with an extendable handle making it convenient to skim those inaccessible areas in your pond. Some other key features include:

  • Extendable Handle (Up to 70 Inches)
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Strong 17” Net Head
  • Rubber Hand Grip
  • …and more!

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At Everything Koi, our online inventory comprises of top notch pond maintenance products and tools available at reasonable rates. Our website has a user-friendly layout that eases the buying process, whether you are looking to get skimmer nets or utility nets. You can enjoy a great peace of mind, when you shop from us. We have a secured online platform for hassle-free shopping!

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