Pondbuilder Elite Skimmer Box

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Pond skimmers are considered to be the first line of defense against any floating debris. It is essential that one is installed for your koi pond. Without it, the pond water quality will be at risk of being contaminated. As a result, the koi and aquatic plants in your pond may be put in danger. The PondBuilder Elite Skimmer Box will reduce the need to manually clean your pond for all kinds of debris. Get one now from Everything Koi and enjoy competitive rates for this product.

Key Features Of PondBuilder Elite Skimmer Box

The PondBuilder Elite Skimmer Box has tons of features to keep the pond water clean and clear. Its key features are the following:

  • Comes with natural faux lids to hide the unit in plain view
  • Multiple ribs and gusset provides maximum strength and eliminates distortion
  • Has an extended snout for efficient skimming
  • Can remove both small and large debris
  • Made with marine-grade materials
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • … and more!

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Investing on a PondBuilder Elite Skimmer Box means protecting your koi at all cost. At Everything Koi, the products we have on our inventory were carefully chosen. We offer them to our customers because we are certain that they can make pond maintenance tasks easier. You may shop for this product and more through our fast and secure website.

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