Pondbuilder Elite Waterfall Box

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Waterfall boxes are waterfalls and filters all-in-one! They collect pumped water and dump it back in the pond creating beautiful waterfall. This movement in-turn aerates the water and keeps the pond water from stagnating and this maintains a healthy ecosystem. The PondBuilder Elite Waterfall Box sold at Everything Koi is one if not the best waterfall boxes in the market.

Key Features of PondBuilder Elite Waterfall Box

The PondBuilder Elite Waterfall Box has the ability to create beautiful waterfalls while blending effortlessly with your ponds’ landscape. Listed down below are some of the key features of the PondBuilder Elite Waterfall Box:

  • Octagonal Design For Easier Camouflage
  • Self-Tapping Stainless Screws For Easier Installation And Corrosion Resistant
  • Two Spinweld Openings
  • Reversible Waterfall Snout
  • Removable Landscape Lid
  • Two Matala Filtration Mats Have Two Times The Biological Benefit
  • Stronger Mesh Media That Lasts Longer
  • Maximum Pond Volume Of Up To 10,000 Gallons
  • … and more!

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