Pondbuilder Replacement Mesh Net

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Koi are very sensitive. They can easily get sick when the pond water environment is disrupted. Leaves, tree branches, and other contaminants are potentially harmful if they decompose at the bottom of the pond. Investing on a quality pond filtration system is crucial if you want your koi to thrive. Pond skimmers are important filtration features. Its primary function is to remove large debris from the surface of the pond. Aside from maintaining debris-free water, it also helps aerate the pond by adding more oxygen. This oxygen boost will not make the water stagnant and will also help the plants and fish to thrive. Everything Koi offers skimmers and replacement parts including the PondBuilder Replacement Mesh Net.

Key Features Of PondBuilder Replacement Mesh Net

Aside from excellent debris removal, the PondBuilder Replacement Mesh Net also helps enhance the mechanical filtration aspect of the skimmer. Some of its key features include:

  • Traps Large Debris
  • Provides Pump Protection
  • Built With A Durable Mesh Netting
  • Comes With A Metal Frame
  • Compatible With Pondbuilder Skimmers Serenity And Elite Series
  • … and more!

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The health and welfare of your koi is our priority here at Everything Koi. We know how vital it is to have a constant supply of clean water for your pond. We offer quality skimmers for added pond filtration. The PondBuilder Replacement Mesh Net is a genuine replacement part that is compatible with your PondBuilder skimmer. You can buy this product and other pond essentials via our SSL-encrypted website. With our commitment to provide customer satisfaction, we guarantee competitive pricing for our products.

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