Pondbuilder Serenity Waterfall Box

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Waterfall boxes are an essential component of any pond. They aerate and biologically filter the water making the pond safe for fish as well as keeping the water clear. The PondBuilder Serenity Waterfall Box is particularly great for both new and existing watergardens.

Key Features of PondBuilder Serenity Waterfall Box

The PondBuilder Serenity Waterfall Box can be installed “in-liner”. This means it is placed together with associated plumbing within the rubber line parameters.  Listed down below is some of the key features of the PondBuilder Serenity Waterfall Box:

  • Max Flow Rate Of 1800 GPH
  • Includes Filter Mat And Bio Twist Media
  • Includes 1.5” Fittings For Kink-Free, Vinyl Or PVC Flex House
  • Plumbing Fittings And Installation Instructions
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Filters Up To 1500 Gallons
  • Fish And Plant Safe
  • … and more!

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