EA PRO PUMP 10000 @1' TDH

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PP 10000

Are you looking for a pump that not only circulates the water in your pond, but also provides aeration for your koi? At Everything Koi, we offer the EA Pro Pump 10000 @1’ TDH to make the process easy. Bring your pond alive with proper circulation and oxygenation, necessary for koi to thrive.

Key Features Of EA Pro Pump 10000 @1’ TDH

EA Pro Pump 10000 @1’ TDH can be defined as a high-performance, efficient and durable equipment for your pond. This robust pump has been smartly engineered to enable water to be run through filters smoothly. Some important features include:

  • 10200 LPH Maximum Flow
  • 2.41 m Maximum Head
  • Energy-efficient Motor
  • Noryl Impellor
  • Silent Operation Pump
  • 2 Inch Inlets and Outlets With Adjustable Wet End
  • Salt Water Seal
  • IPX5 Rated
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • …and more!

Shop for EA Pro Pump 10000 @1’ TDH at Everything Koi

When it comes to purchasing pond maintenance equipment, Everything Koi is the name you can trust. We provide Evolution Aqua- made Pro Pumps at the most reasonable rates. You can save a lot when you choose to buy from us. EA Pro Pump 10000 @1’ TDH ensures a healthy and clean pond by providing the required oxygenation. Our expert team will be glad to assist you, in case you need clarification on any of the products.

Feel free to call us today at (908) 420-9908 and learn more about the EA Pro Pump 10000 @1’ TDH.