OASE Pond Pump

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  • The Pond Pump allows for efficient water movement in multiple pond zones..

  • Quiet, energy efficient Pond Pump series save power while circulating pond water.

  • Adjustable flow control fine-tunes the flow rate and pumping height.

  • Grounding plate provides unparalleled protection against electrical hazards in your pond.

  • A 16 ft. power cord with a smaller plug size allows for pumps to be placed discretely throughout a pond.

  • Epoxy encapsulation allows for full submersion of the pump.

  • Utilizes premium ceramic shaft and bearings for maximum efficiency and durability.

  • Robust pre-filter removes coarse debris particles up to 3 mm in size.

  • Pond Pumps allow simple and quick access to all moving parts for easy maintenance.

  • Included 2 year warranty + 1 with online registration