Sequence 1000 Series

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Aquatic pumps play a very important role by ensuring that water circulates throughout the pond and also filtering the water to keep it clear and clean. Koi fish thrive in clean water and they grow big and healthy. Koi owners find a challenge when choosing the right pump for their ponds. At Everything Koi, we recommend the sequence 1000 series which has the capability to pressure up to 23 feet maximum and push water up to 6100 US GPH.

Key Features Of Sequence 1000 Series

The Sequence 1000 series is an ideal choice for both small and big water gardens. Let’s take a look at the features that make this type of aquatic pump stand out.

  • Units Come With A 115V Plug And 8' Power Cord
  • Units Can Now Be Wired For 230V
  • Fan-Cooled Motor
  • 1½" FTP Inlet & 1½" FTP Discharge
  • Delivers Flow Up To 6,100 GPH With Only 366 Watts Of Power
  • … and more!

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At Everything Koi, we have amassed years of experience in pond supplies and equipment. Over the years, we know what it takes to rare healthy koi. We offer a wide range of pond pumps, including the sequence 1000 series at affordable prices. Our sales representatives are more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding water garden equipment and koi fish. You can shop safely on our online store and we will ensure your products are delivered on time to your doorstep.

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