Sequence 4000

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The Sequence 4000 pump is environment friendly and helps to lower carbon footprints by delivering high performance with low power. This pump is ideal for simple koi ponds and large industrial-size water gardens as well. At Everything Koi, we provide high quality Sequence pumps, high in efficiency and performance. Our pumps are affordable and pond owners can trust Sequence 4000 to provide the lowest cost of ownership.

Key Features Of Sequence 4000

  • Generate Minimal Noise Levels
  • Can Be Customized For Saltwater Use
  • Designed To Operate Efficiently Over A Wide Range Of Flows And Pressures
  • Can Serve A Wide Variety Of Water Transfer And Re-Circulation Applications
  • Supplied Complete With Thread Ports And Unions And 2” Fnpt And Buttress For Ease Of Use
  • Quiet Operation Most Units Are Less Than 50 Decibels
  • Housing Is Molded Of High Strength, Glass Filled Polypropylene
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Is Standard
  • … and more!

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Looking for a cost effective pump for your koi pond? At Everything Koi, you can trust us to provide high quality Sequence 4000 pumps that are original at competitive prices. We deliver a secure online shopping experience and you can stay at peace knowing that your personal data will remain safe since we use the latest SSL encryption technologies on our website. If you have any inquiries about the Sequence series pumps, feel free to contact our sales representatives at any time.

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