Sequence Power Primer

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Sequence Power Primer mainly is one of the best pond pumps because on all its primer units, the internal rotating parts are protected by the integrated strainer basket that prevents external debris from being sucked into the pump. Cleaning the pump is much easier because of its simple cover. Another key factor is that it comes with an internal diffuser that allows it to displace any trapped air. This will enable the pump to continue pumping the water despite having air in the water line.

When it comes to voltage, the Sequence Power Primer has a dual voltage motor that can be changed from either 230V to 115V depending on the voltage needed. At Everything Koi, we ensure that we meet all your aquatic needs so when it comes to pumps, the Sequence Power Primer is a force to reckon with. Armed with self-priming capabilities, great pressure flow and high head pressure capabilities, this is the ultimate solution for your pond.

Key Features of Sequence Power Primer

  • Has An Immense Pressure And Flow Rate
  • Very Efficient
  • Comes With Enclosed Impellers
  • Equipped With Stainless Steel Mechanical Seals
  • Has A Minimum Noise Level
  • It Is Not A Submersible
  • Comes With A 3 Year Guarantee
  • Industrial Motors That Can Be Rebuilt
  • Has An Integrated Strainer Basket
  • Excellent Quality For Energy Conservation
  • Simple Cover Makes It Easier For Quick Cleaning
  • 8 Foot Long Power Cord
  • … and more!

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