Sequence Primer Alpha

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The Sequence Primer Alpha is a pond pump that is designed to meet the needs of water gardens and ponds. At Everything Koi, we believe that this is the right pump to help in the facilitation of all things aquatic.  It is the type of pump that is a combination of everything into one device: pre-filter and self-priming capabilities and a fan-cooled motor that is fully enclosed.

Key Features of Sequence Primer Alpha

  • Has An Internal Diffuser To Allow Air Displacement
  • Strainer To Prevent External Debris From Getting Inside Or Being Pulled Into The Pump
  • Requires Minimal Plumbing Job To Install
  • Extremely Durable
  • High Efficiency
  • Back Flashes The Filter With Great Power
  • Comes With An 8 Inch Power Cord Of 115V Or 230V
  • Has A 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • … and more!

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