Sequence Primer Champion

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The Sequence Primer Champion pumps are quite the ideal pumps to use for external ponds. This is mainly because of its enclosed impellers that ensure that there is higher flow performance while ensuring that the maintenance costs are lowered. They are a great option compared to the usual submersible pumps.

The Sequence Primer Champion Pump is more of an integrated pump. In that it is more of a pump that has a combination of a basket type pre filter and has the capability of self – priming itself so as to ensure that when it operates it will be trouble free. The pump also comes with an 8 inch power cord that is fixed on an 115V plug. At Everything Koi we recommend this pump mainly because of its durability, great work output and immense efficiency.

Key Features of Sequence Primer Champion

  • 2 Inch FTP Inlet And 1½ Inch FTP Discharge
  • It Is A Self–Priming Centrifugal Pump
  • Has A 3-Year Warranty
  • Comes With An Internal Strainer That Helps Protect The Pump From External Debris
  • It Is Weather Resistant
  • Can Operate Without Water For A Short Period Of Time
  • The Motor Is Fan Cooled And Fully Enclosed
  • … and more!

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