Sequence Titan Series Pump

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For the people who are interested in large water features and expect a high turnover return, the Sequence Titan Series Pump is more than ideal for the job! The pump is capable of handling large water features while maintaining efficiency without breaking a sweat. Everything Koi recommends the Sequence Titan Series simply because it does a lot of heavy work while saving you money in terms of electricity bill. Picture this, a pump that can do 12,000 GPH for less than 845 watts!

Key Features of Sequence Titan Series Pump

  • Highly Efficient
  • Best To Use On Large Scale Water Features
  • Dual Voltage Of Either 115 Volts Or 230 Volts Of 8 Feet Length
  • It Is Durable
  • Comes With A 3 Year Warranty
  • Made In The U.S.A
  • Can Be Used On Either Fresh Or Salt Water Since It Is Marinized
  • Low Energy Usage
  • Generate Minimal Noise
  • … and more!

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