Shinmaywa Pumps

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Pumps are as important to ponds as a heart is to the human body. They distribute nutrients to plant and animal life, maintain the pond filtration system, circulate oxygen as well as making streams and waterfalls possible giving your pond a beautiful and natural outlook and this is what the Shinmaywa Pump does. It is one of the most heavy-duty pumps sold in the market today with proven reliability.

Key Features of Shinmaywa Pumps

Below is a quick look of the main features of the Shinmaywa Pumps

  • Solid Passage Up To 3 Inches
  • Corrosion Resistant Housing
  • Unique Hardware Design
  • Vortex Impeller Handles Solids And Debris
  • Superior Continuous Duty Motor
  • Wide Flow Rates And Discharge Head.
  • Self-Cleaning With Chopper
  • ETL Listed
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • … and more!

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