Tetra Quartz Sleeve O-rings 3pk

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As a pond owner, you not only want to create a healthy environment for your fish, but the water garden also needs to be safe to the humans and fish. If you have any electrical appliances attached in your pond, you need to ensure the installations are safely done. The Tetra Quartz Sleeve O-rings 3pk are designed to secure electrical sections in a pond. They are mostly purchased to act as a shield to prevent parts that are electrical from being damaged permanently by water or to replace the O-ring on a tetra pond. At Everything Koi, you will get Tetra Quartz Sleeve O-rings 3pk at affordable prices.

Key Features Of Tetra Quartz Sleeve O-rings 3pk

  • Easy To Install
  • Sold In Threes
  • Durable
  • … and more!

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