Aqua Ultraviolet Classic Uv Sterilizer

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UV sterilization is an effective and proven method for controlling and eliminating protozoa, bacteria and algae spores present in the pond. Ultraviolet disrupts or alters the RAN and DNA or target organism. With proper implementation of Aqua Ultraviolet Classic UV Sterilizer, the target organisms can be effectively removed without any toxic residuals. At Everything Koi, we provide a wide range of Ultraviolet Sterilizers that are durable and long lasting.

Key Features Of Aqua Ultraviolet Classic UV Sterilizer

The UV Classic Series by Aqua is perfect for small ponds and aquariums. Not only are they slim and lightweight, but also, they have been designed for maximum effectiveness. Here are some of the key features of this UV sterilizer.

  • Power Range: 8W – 240W
  • Fresh Water Sterilizer 200-17000 Gallons
  • Fresh Water Clarifier: 1500-25000 Gallons
  • Exceptional Build Quality
  • Easy To Use
  • …and more!

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