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UV Clarifiers help in enhancing pond filtration by making use of cleansing UV light to achieve a clean and healthy pond. This is important since koi and other aquatic organisms are quite susceptible to the environment they thrive in. At Everything Koi, we provide various pond supplies and equipment to keep your pond in the best possible shape.

Key Features Of EVO 55W UV

With primary focus on delivering optimum performance to clear green water, EVO 55W UV has been designed for maximum result with minimum effort. It can smoothly work in conjunction with other filtration systems and can be easily fitted within existing pipework. Some of the key features include:

  • Suitable For 55000ltr Pond Size
  • 20000 LPH Max Flow Rate
  • 55W Bulb Size
  • Electronic Ballast
  • Lesser Head Loss During Operation – Energy Saving Option
  • IPX5 Rating
  • Higher Reflective Index Than Stainless Steel
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • …and more!

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At Everything Koi, we have a solid commitment to help our customers maintain their koi ponds with top quality Evolution Aqua UV clarifiers. All of the products we sell have been designed for convenience, suitable for both home and commercial establishment. We want you to get the best bargains on every purchase and that is why we offer EvoUV systems at affordable rates.

Take a look at our inventory today and shop for an EVO 55W UV system in a hassle-free manner. Do not hesitate to call (908) 420-9908 for any product inquiries.