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Pond keepers tend to battle with algae from time to time. Although they are generally safe, algae tend to swarm and will consume oxygen that is intended for the koi. It is entirely natural for a pond owner to keep algae growth at a minimal to keep the koi healthy. While there are many algaecides available in the market, it would help a lot if you will find one that is proven to be safe for your koi.

The GreenClean Tablets from Everything Koi is an effective method of breaking down algae blooms and remnants of organic debris.

Key Features of GreenClean Tablets

Unlike other algaecides, GreenClean Tablets are free from any toxic chemicals that can harm the koi and other aquatic life in the pond. It works via oxidation reaction that is powerful enough to break down algae cells. Other features of this product are:

  • An All-Season Algae Prevention Solution
  • Better Alternative To Copper-Based Algaecides
  • Increases Oxygen Level
  • Comes In A Convenient Slow-Release Tablet Form
  • Safe For Fish And Plants
  • Safe To Use Even On A Weekly Basis

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Many koi enthusiasts are impressed at how Everything Koi continues to provide revolutionary products. The GreenClean Tablets is a great example as it helps control algae growth in a very convenient manner. It also helps that our customers feel safe whenever they shop for products on our SSL-encrypted website. Try our online store now and experience utmost quality of service just like our loyal customers.

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