Pond Clear Packet

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Apart from using lake water treatments, in liquid form, for clearing and cleaning purposes, you also have another option when it comes to keeping your pond healthy. This is through water soluble packets which are easier to work with. You can just toss a packet in the water and it can last for 2 weeks. An example of a product that can do this is the Pond Clear Packet from Pond Logic.

Key Features Of Pond Clear Packet

Pond Logic has long been providing pond owners with options to treat and clean their ponds. With the Pond Clear Packet, you get clean and clear water, safe for aquatic and even domestic life. It is easy-to-use. Just toss it in the water and it will do its job. Other features to love in this product are:

  • Eliminates Noxious Odor
  • Removes Excess Nutrients
  • Pre-Measured Water Soluble Packets
  • Can Treat up to ½ Acre Ponds for 3 Months
  • Comes in 12 Packets and 24 Packets Per Container
  • … and more!

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