Tetra Pond Water Clarifier

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Maintaining a clear pond is essential if you want to have a healthy and great-looking koi. It can’t be avoided, however, to have some debris coming from plants, leftover fish food, and fish waste. These do not only make the pond look dirty. Organic debris may decompose and will increase the ammonia levels in the pond. When at very high levels, ammonia can harm the koi.

Aside from a filtration system, the use of the Tetra Pond Water Clarifier can make a huge improvement in the clarity of your pond. You can get it from Everything Koi at a competitive price.

Key Features Of Tetra Pond Water Clarifier

The Tetra Pond Water Clarifier makes keeping the pond clean easy. It works by clumping debris into clusters. It will be easier to remove through filtration once the contaminants are clumped together. The clumps sink to the bottom and may be removed manually using a skimming net, or through a wet vacuum. The product has the following features:

  • Fast Acting
  • Immediately Clumps Contaminants
  • Can Clear Up Cloudy And Discolored Water
  • Safe For Fish And Plants

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At Everything Koi, we consider what the pond owners needs are. We know how it can be difficult to make time for a thorough cleaning. It is for this reason that we have the Tetra Pond Water Clarifier on our inventory. We also have other products that can make a lot of difference in the maintenance of koi ponds.

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