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What Is The Proper Way To Receive New Koi Fishes?

New fish are always an exciting addition to a pond, especially koi fish with their beautiful colors and high value. But you have to be cautious too and not get overexcited to add your koi to the pond immediately. Koi require special handling while transporting them from one environment to another. Learn more about how you can receive new koi fishes with care.

koi fishes sleep

Understanding How Koi Fishes Sleep

Koi look so beautiful and majestic with their striking colors and large size, and yet, within their beauty also lies deep mysteries. One of these mysteries is… do they ever sleep? Koi fish can look like they are awake 24/7 with their eyes constantly open. Indeed, while humans usually give away the fact that they are sleeping by closing their eyes, koi are masters of subterfuge – almost nothing can give away their sleep hours. But like any living thing, sleep is needed for rest and recovery from health issues in koi as well. Read on to find out more about how koi fishes sleep.

Feeding Koi

Top Tips For Feeding Koi

Taking care of koi is not easy and something you can do at your own time. Koi are prized animals, often expensive, and require a regular feeding schedule as well as other types of care. If you have koi or plan to get some, be sure you know these tips for feeding koi so that your fish grow healthy and happy.

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