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Self-Cleaning Pond Filter

What’s The Best Self-Cleaning Pond Filter For Koi Ponds?

As a pond owner, you should already be aware by now about how a conducive environment in your pond is essential to promote and maintain the health of your aquatic pets. There have been several new technologies that are being introduced in the industry today that make pond owners realize how important they truly are. Let’s take a look at several variations of the Evolution Aqua’s Eazy Pod systems for the convenience of cleaning your pond.

Evolution Aqua Nexus Filters

What’s the Difference Between The Evolution Aqua Nexus 220 Filter & Evolution Aqua Nexus 320 Filter?

The Evolution Aqua Nexus 220 and 320 filters aim to clear ponds at highly improved levels. This range builds on the success of the award-winning Nexus series that enables this new generation of filters to ingeniously combine both mechanical and biological filtration methods into just a single advanced system. Aside from all of that, it is still hassle-free to clean up and installation is a breeze.

The Evolution Aqua Nexus 220 and 320 are equipped with a re-designed Eazy filter which makes use of the all-new K1 Micro filter to achieve better mechanical filtration levels. It also uses the commended K1 Media to achieve remarkable levels of biological filtration. Both these processes work together to produce crystal clear water that promotes a healthy environment for your aquatic life.

Evolution Aqua Nexus 320 Pond Filter

How Does The Evolution Aqua Nexus 320 Pond Filter Work?

The Nexus is an advanced filter that has a simple function. Water enters the Nexus through the inlet which leads to the inner chamber. This works as the first layer of vortex which allows larger particles to filter out. The water then flows through the Eazy where finer particles get caught and removed during the mechanical filtration process. From the Eazy, the water then flows outwards towards the outer chamber where the biological filtration process occurs with the aid of the K1 Media Moving Bed.

The water then flows in between the grills and out the Exit Chamber where it returns back to the pond via the outlet. The Eazy is then cleaned up by the diversion of the air from the Outer Chamber into the Eazy through air valves. Waste products are then remove through the bigger waste ball valve.

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