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Koi Facts

Fun Koi Facts You Should Know About

Vibrant red, gleaming yellow and pearly white — koi fish have long been prized for their beauty and elegance. These stunning fish, which are often used for ornamental purposes in ponds, can be worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even have beauty contests organized for them. However, there is more to them than meets the eye. Here are some interesting koi facts.

Pond Health

Good Pond Health Best Practices

Maintaining pond health is key to keeping your pond beautiful and healthy. While it may seem laborious, you can make pond maintenance less time-consuming and tiresome by observing some best practices to keep your pond in the best health possible.

Aquatic Plants And Fish

How To Care For Aquatic Plants And Fish

Aquatic plants and fish are great additions to your pond or aquarium, and can beautify them further. However, it is imperative to care for them and keep them in good health so that they will continue to enhance your pond and support its ecosystem. Caring for them in cold weather like winter is especially important. Here are some ways you can care for your aquatic plants and fish.

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