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Koi Spotlight: Goshiki

Goshiki koi is the result of breeding Sanke with Asagi to produce Sanke patterns which are overlaid on the blue colored background. The word “Go” in Japanese means five and Goshiki is koi that displays five colors, which are dark blue, black, light blue, red and white. This color mix often results in a white ground that is purplish.

Pond Deicer

How To Select The Right Pond Deicer

Koi ponds situated in regions that receive harsh winters require elaborate procedures and tools to remain safe. One such tool is the deicer, and below are some reasons why every pond owner living in the northern hemisphere should have one.

How Microbe Lift Can Benefit Your Koi Pond

How Microbe Lift Can Benefit Your Koi Pond

Microbe Lift is a bio augmentation based product that is designed to help nature keep up with the manmade compounds and pollutants whose levels are much higher than what is normally found in the environment. Below is an overview of how it works, and why every koi breeder should own it.

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