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Treating Koi

How To Use Salt When Treating Koi

It is known that salt is useful as a preservative, and it can also applied toward the treatment of disease since it is antimicrobial. However, knowing how to use it specifically for the treatment of koi requires specialized knowledge which will be discussed below.


Koi Breed Spotlight: Tancho

The beautiful thing about koi is that they come in so many varieties, which gives enthusiasts lots of options. One particular breed that will be of interest is the Tancho, which have a number of unique characteristics.

Koi Pond

How To Correctly Stock Your Koi Pond

Correctly stocking your Koi pond is a procedure that is delicate and should never be done haphazardly. The water will need to be cycled properly to ensure the environment is safe for the fish. The time needed for cycling is usually about four weeks but can be as long as 8 weeks. Below are some additional tips that will guide you.

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