29" Japanese Imported Showa - DAINICHI-05

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29" Japanese Imported Showa - DAINICHI-05
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Dive into the enchanting world of Koi elegance with our 29" Showa from Dainichi Koi Farm's prestigious Mona Lisa bloodline. This living masterpiece boasts captivating patterns of deep reds, jet blacks, and pearly whites, meticulously crafted to embody the epitome of aquatic artistry.

Imported with precision, each scale whispers the story of Dainichi's dedication to excellence. The Mona Lisa bloodline adds a touch of sophistication, promising a Koi that transcends expectations. Elevate your pond to a realm of unparalleled beauty with this 29" Showa, a symbol of prestige and artistic brilliance.

Secure your piece of living art now and let the Mona Lisa bloodline from Dainichi Koi Farm grace your aquatic sanctuary with timeless beauty. Order today and invite a masterpiece into your world of Koi appreciation