Japan has now become a label of koi fish breeding, and with the passage of time; it is evolving to attain much greater heights. Surely, when we talk about koi fish breeders in Japan, we probably hear about the oldest natives making excellent expedition in the business.

Marusada Koi farm is by far one of the oldest and finest breeding facility of koi fish located in Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan. The facility serves excellent and astonishing fish of different breeds in an appropriate environment. With a lot of experience, the owner has made Marusada koi farm a symbol of quality. Every buyer is highly interested in buying from the place again and again.

Owners Name: Toshikatsu Ikarashi

Raising Area: 50,000 sq meters.

Location: Yamakoshi, Nagaoka

Very important information came in front of our eyes for this breeding facility was that in the 1960s, this koi farm was the very first outlet in the area that introduced indoor ponds that had Oil-fired heating. This was all like being in a place where the most modern innovation took place.

Breeding Variety

Sadao Ikarashi, a 79-year-old master at breeding koi fish and the founder of the Marusada Koi Farm. He is still working at his almost full potential to get the best out of his harvests every time. A lot of breeders in the market fascinate his ways of working and skills. Some say that he is an inspiration to watch during harvest. Here are a few breed varieties that Sadao Ikarashi has made famous in his long journey of Koi production.


  • Goromo
  • Doitsu


Marusada Farm has tons of experience in breeding various varieties of the Nishikigoi; as mentioned before, one of the oldest facilities in the market and might be a leading one.

Marusada Koi Farm – Achievement and Success

This place is not something that a koi lover sees daily, although the place has the likes of Sadao Ikarashi and Toshikatsu leading the business, we can also witness that they are both winners at the harvesting season. Ikarashi San focuses on getting a perfect quality; however, Toshikatsu focuses on the trading part mostly. They are labeled as one of the oldest facilities of koi production, Marusada Koi Farm, which had an Oil-fired heating system installed. At the moment, Toshikatsu has taken the torch into his own hands and leads the way in the koi business to attain much greater heights.

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