Another Shark in the Koi fish breeding business, Marusei Koi Farm is one of the biggest in the Niigata Region and probably a very busy one as well because of its variety of fish breeds and production. While looking at the beautiful ponds of Marusei, the visitor will surely experience a bit of heaven and probably become speechless by simply witnessing the multi-textured fishes.


Owner Name: Hirasawa Yoshiyuki

Pond Quantity: 200+

Production Rate: 200,000 per year.


Hirasawa Yoshiyuki being the owner of the Marusei Koi farm is focused on achieving the top quality breeding results in the Niigata region and beyond. The work of the breeder is precise and hard and it surely is considered to require a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge as well.


Previously owned and founded by Seitaro Hirasawa is now being fully operated and governed under the perfect control of his son, Yoshiyuki.


Yoshiyuki is considered to be working efficiently to increase the production rate to generate more sales in the trading business and expand the premise of the business to a much larger extent.


Breeding Variety

Due to the extremely large production rate, Marusei Koi farm is now a well-known figure of the business to breed different varieties of the Japanese Koi Including:


  • Go Sanke
  • Kinmatsuba
  • Karashigoi
  • Hi-Utsuri
  • Chagoi
  • Benigoi
  • Mizuho Ogon
  • Asagi
  • Aka Matsuba
  • Shusui
  • Yamabuki


These are just the most produced varieties of the Japanese Koi, however, Yoshiyuki is also operating to develop a more number of names in the variety of his business.


Marusei Koi Farm - Achievements and Success!


The Achievements of the Marusei Koi Farm have been under a developing stage for the past few decades. As the current owner of the farm, Hirasawa Yoshiyuki is focused on expanding his mud pond count (Which is still huge in number) which currently is 200 with a similar amount of parent stock as well.

More than 10 breeds (Japanese Koi) are being produced in the farm and available for sale for the right amount of price.

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