Japanese Koi has a huge range of variety. Different breeders have different specialty Breeds of Koi. Kujyaku Variety is one of the famous Koi, and the Kaneko Koi Farm is the first to breed Kujyaku Variety. Being one of the first to create and stabilize the Kujyaku variety, Kaneko koi farm is the main attraction for clients looking for Kujyaku Variety.


Mr. Takaaki Kaneko laid the foundation of Kaneko Koi Farm in 1961 and Created the Kujyaku variety. His son Mr. Yasuaki Kaneko is the current Kaneko Koi farm owner and is geared up to take his farm to a level of success. With his dedication and hospitality, he is expanding his business at large.


Owner Name: Yasuaki Kaneko


Area: Nigorisawa, Nagaoka


Raising Area: 30,000 sq meters


Quantity of Ponds: 55 mud Ponds


Production Capacity: 30,000 pcs


Breeding Variety


For koi fish variety Kaneko is not one of the standards that produce a lot of Sanke, Kohaku, and Showa. Unlike other breeders, Yasuaki Kaneko instead has his focus on Kujyaku and Shiro Utsuri Variety. Kaneko is also famous for some other varieties of Koi like:





Kaneko Koi Farm is growing day by day, and every year changes the breed bit by bit every year but mostly have the same types of Koi, so it's their constant goal to get better at making them.



Kaneka Koi Farm - Achievements and Success


Mr. Yasuaki Kaneko successfully running the farm with 55 mud ponds and having a parent stock of 60. The yearly production capacity is also in full swing, with 30,000 pcs a year. Kaneka Koi farm's Kujyaku also received 3rd prize award in 2017. The success story of Kaneko Farm will not stop here. With the efforts of Yasuaki, it will grow day by day and will succeed even more.

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