Several Koi Farm owners had experienced a variety of other professions in their past, but after seeing this business's potential, they entered the market with complete dedication. The owner of Iwashita Koi Farm has a similar story. He has a past of experiencing various professions but stopped his choice with Koi Farm Business.


Iwashita Koi Farm is one of the famous Koi farms in the Mushigame region known for its huge variety. Currently, more than 80 different varieties of Nishikigoi are being breaded by this Koi Farm.


Owner Name: Tadashi Iwashita

Area : Yamakoshi, Nagaoka


Mr. Iwashita, after a variety of professions, became involved in the Koi Farm business and, in 1965, laid the foundation of Iwashita Koi farm. Tadashi focuses on the production of Koi that cannot be seen at other koi farms. He has given new varieties of Koi to the Koi world like Ginrin Asagi and Ginrin Shiro Utsuri.


Breeding Variety


In the early days of Farm, Mr. Iwashita produces only Kohaku and Taisho Sanshoku. Later on, adding different varieties to his ponds to attract the clients to come and visit his farm, he is now breeding more than 80 different varieties of Nishikigoi. Some of them are:



  • Ginrin Hajiro
  • Hikarimoyo
  • Kawarimoyo



The Koi farm owner aims to attract Koi lovers across the world to stop by during their visit to different Koi farms in Yamakoshi. Mr. Iwashita claims that he has such variety that no other Koi farm has in the Area.


Iwashita Koi Farm - Achievement and Success


Started from almost nothing, Mr. Iwashita has successfully built his Koi Farm business at large. Mr. Tadashi Iwashita is the one who put Ginrin and Asagi together for the first time in 1999 and was praised for his wonderful achievement. Iwashita Koi Farm has a display greenhouse two stories high on the road at the entrance of Mushigame. It has three display ponds.

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