Japan is known at large with its Koi fish around the globe. These Koi fishes are bread by certain businessmen from generation to generation. A wide variety of Koi fish is seen in the market, and with every passing time, more and more new breeds are introduced by the Koi Farm keepers. One of the very successful and well-known for introducing a new variety of Nishikigoi is Aokiya Koi Farm.


When we talk about one kind of beauty, the first name that came into mind is Aokiya Farm. Besides being not too old in this Koi business, the Owner, Mr. Aoki is the market's biggest challenger. Nobody has surpassed his ability to breed a new variety of Nishikigoi. He has always given new and high-quality varieties.


Owner Name: Harou Aoki and Motoyoshi Aoki

Area : Katakai, Ojiya city

Raising Area: 20,000 Sq meters


In the year 1972, Mr. Harou Aoki laid the foundation of Aoki Koi Farm. Now, both the Father, Mr. Harou Aoki, and his Son, Mr. Motoyoshi Aoki, are challenging the koi world by breeding the newest and unique Koi varieties than anyone else.


Breeding Variety

Mr. Aoki works on the principle of breeding a new and unique variety of Koi that nobody else does bread or could breed. He is known for his challenging behavior, and even the very experienced Koi Businessman has not succeeded in breeding the Koi variety that Mr. Aoki has bread.



Aokiya Koi Farm is the best place to visit for clients looking for new, unique, healthy, and beautiful stuff.


Aokiya Koi Farm - Achievement and Success


Mr. Aoki has stunned the Nishikigoi world with his Kikokuryo sensation. His Kikokuryo had platinum-colored skin with Sumi on it. Platinum colored skin with Sumi on it is nearly impossible, but Mr. Aoki's Kikokuryo gave Nishikigoi a big shock. His name came to be seen a lot in a Hikari Mono section of the All Japan Nishikigoi Show and the Wakagoi show afterward.

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