Frequently Asked Koi Questions

What are the details of the koi shipping and delivery costs?

Shipping Rates

We will contact you after your fish purchase via email or by phone to confirm shipping date and box size. Shipping is paid for separately after checkout.

Box SizeCapacityFee
Extra SmallUp to 6 Tosai(under a year-old Koi, generally between 4-7 inches in size)$50
SmallUp to 15 Tosai(under a year-old Koi, generally between 4-10 inches in size)$95
MediumUp to 4 Koi 11-16 inches$125
LargeUp to 2 Koi between 17-24 inches or 1 Koi over 24 inches or more $160

Acclimation Instructions

The procedure to acclimate fish after shipping is very different from the procedure after you bring home fish from a retail store.

DO NOT float the bag in the pond for an extended period of time(over 10 mins.)

DO NOT leave the fish in the bag water after opening the bag

  • Koi consumes oxygen in the bag and adds carbon dioxide to the bag-------> pH of bag water lowers because of the CO2 ------> the lower pH makes the ammonia in the bag essentially non-toxic to the fish. As soon as the bag is opened and the bag water interacts with the outside air some oxygen enters the water and some CO2 leaves the water, this raises the pH and makes the ammonia in the bag water now toxic to the fish.

The best way to acclimate the fish is to float the bag for 5mins and then open the bag and introduce the koi directly into the pond.

DO NOT add the bag water to the pond, as it contains elevated levels of ammonia.

DOA Policy

If DOA(Dead on Arrival): a photo must be taken of the fish still inside the bag and contact our customer service department must be made within 12 hours of receiving the shipment. Store credit will be given for the value of the lost fish.

As we cannot guarantee the quality of the water among other factors in a customer's pond, the customer becomes responsible for the fish after they receive a shipment of it.

Improper acclimation can cause undue stress on the fish. which can lead to disease, please read our guide on how to acclimate your new fish.

Under no circumstances can a fish be shipped back to us. This is to ensure bio-security at our facility.

Where are You Located?

Everything Koi is headquartered in 205D US-22, Green Brook, NJ 08812. This is where all of our orders are shipped from. Today, we offer a wide variety of live koi fish, fish food, pond filters, waterfall filters, pumps, ultraviolet clarifiers, aeration systems, pond netting, and spitters and fountains.

In addition to providing Japanese koi fish, fish and plant care products, and pond equipment, our company also offers pond construction services in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Whether you need to resolve a water feature related issue or build a pond from scratch, we have got your back. Feel free to contact our experienced technical support team by calling (908) 998-2556 or sending an email to

Are my Payment Details/Data Secure?

Yes, your payment details and data are secure with Everything Koi because we take our responsibility of caring for them very seriously. We respect our customers' privacy rights and are committed to protecting the payment data collected about you.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that all personal and payment information will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At Everything Koi, we are also compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and have implemented the latest SSL encryption technology to protect sensitive data. Our fraud prevention tools also help to scan, monitor, and secure every transaction.

How Do I Place an Order Online?

Yes, Everything Koi's website also serves as an online store. If you have found a product on the website that you'd like to buy, simply click on the "add to cart" button. Every item you click will be added to your virtual shopping cart. Customers will be able to edit their own shopping carts by adding more products or removing them.

After selecting the items that you were looking for, click the "check out" button and follow the instructions on the screen. We will need your basic personal information, preferred delivery address, and payment mode. If you want to shop with greater ease, it's recommended that you register one-time to save your details. This way, you won't have to re-enter your personal information again for subsequent purchases.

Can I Place an Order by Phone?

Customers are welcomed to order by phone. Feel free to call us at (908) 998-2556 and inform our customer service team with the product's name and SKU number. Additionally, do provide us with your card details.

It is important to note that if you order via phone, Everything Koi can't deliver the order to an address that isn't either your business address or billing address. All of these policies are in place for security reasons.