When it comes to the production of Japanese koi, Otsuka Koi Farm is not left behind in the debate as it offers one of the highest manufacturing numbers in the business. A perfect amount of controllable houses are prepped by the owner of the farm to increase the potential of the business regarding the ranging numbers of Koi fish.

Owner Name: Otsuka Yoshikazu

Mud Pond Quantity: 50 Ponds

Production Rate: 35,000pcs per year

Founded in the year 1962, but was not aiming to the full-time production of the Nishikigoi at that time. It all started at full–time strength in the year 1984 and developed a great reputation by the passage of time in the field.

Emerged with its excellence in the Asagi production, and aiming to enhance their levels of Goshiki as well.

Breeder Variety

Started with a simple part-time koi farm, the Japanese Koi breeder took this business to an uproaring state of success and included different varieties including:


  • Goshiki
  • Showa
  • Ghoshoku Sanke


Many different varieties are also offered by the farm breeders as it is one of the finest in the market. The quality of the product is amazing as the selection and breeding is fantastic and observed to be one the finest in the game.

Otsuka Yoshikazu is now operating at full strength to increase its production rate to more than 200% of its current growth.

Otsuka Koi Farm - Achievements and Success!

Mr. Otsuka has developed this koi farm from a nail to a drill, as it all started with a possible part-time experience. Right now, the progress has switched its engagement from just a few mud ponds towards more than 50 and 30 parent stocks.

With a 35000pcs yearly production rate, Otsuka Koi Farm has now made its space in one of the top Japanese koi breeders in all of Japan.

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