Niigata is a famous region for its huge variety of Koi and a lot of Koi breeders. Dainichi Koi Farm is the leader among all these Koi Farms in Niigata, but Dainichi is not alone in leading Koi Farm Industry. Isa Koi Farm is competing with Dainichi Koi Farm as a leader in showa Koi breeding.

Owner Name: Mitsunori Isa

Area: Ojiya, Niigata

Raising Area : 60,000 sq meters

Mud Ponds: 31 mud Ponds

Mr. Isa Hajime, Father of Mr. Mitsunori Isa, founded Isa Koi Farm in 1971. Among all breeders in Niigata, Mr. Isa is the most demanded and popular breeder and all this is just because of his dedication, personality, passion, and sincere attitude towards breeding high-quality Koi of different varieties. His Koi are considered as different from other farms Koi because of their bold bodies and uniqueness. Both the father and son are very much in business and won a lot of awards in different Koi Shows around Japan.

Breeding Variety

Mr. Isa is famous for his huge Koi fish among koi hobbyists. But the most popular koi of Isa koi farm are,



Being the most dedicated to Koi breeding, Mr. Isa focuses on winning Koi shows and dominating all the shows around Japan. Every year Koi lovers are surprised by Isa Koi Farm's astonishing Koi Fish. Isa Koi Farm also breeds Kohaku and Taisho Sanke.

Achievement and Success -- Isa Koi Farm

Mr. Isa, with his Koi won the most famous  "Kokugyu" award at all japan Nishikigoi show. With the valiant efforts of Mr. Isa, His farm is touching heights of popularity among all koi lovers. The gigantic koi parent Isa breeds is a Maruten Showa of 101 cm, which is a sibling of a koi nicknamed ''Chokansho'', which means the Fisheries Agency Award.

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