Yamasan Koi Farm is one of the finest Japanese koi breeders in all of Ojiya Niigata region, Japan. This farm is all about beautiful mud ponds producing the best quality of different varieties of the Japanese Koi fish.

Owner Name: Yamazaki Manabu

Pond Quantity: 50+ mud ponds

Production Rate: 60,000 per year

Japanese Koi farm, owned by Yamazaki Manabu is a production hub of the koi fish because of its huge mud ponds with suitable and controlled conditions. During the season, the pond is focused to provide about a 100% boost of production and is preserved for the same results accordingly.

A raising area of more than 50,000 m2 is a delighted source of the quantity and quality of the product. Yamasan Koi farm not just focuses on a single breed but instead focuses on multiple ones.

Breeding Variety

Due to the huge number of premises of the Yamasan Koi farm, this place is filled with varieties and quantity of the products. Here’s a few of them to get your eyes on:

  • Go sanke
  • Hariwake
  • Doitsu
  • Ginrin
  • Platina
  • Longfin
  • Kujyaku
  • Shusui
  • Showa
  • Hirenaga

Famous for the Hirenaga and Hikarimono, Yamasan koi farm is an excellent place of quality fish and hospitality for the visitors. Because of its variety of service, this place is a one-stop farm to get all the necessary products of your requirement.

Yamasan Koi Farm - Achievements and Success!

In his long journey, the owner Yamazaki Manabu has traveled far in accomplishing great deals of success for his koi farm.  From just a few mud ponds in the Ojiya Niigata region, Japan, Yamazaki managed to take the numbers to up to 50 and 110 Parent stock that produce a huge number of 60,000 pieces in a single year.

The different breeds, that are now available at Yamasan Koi Farm, are now ranging in size from 13 to 35 cm according to the category.

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