Introducing Japanese Koi breeders actually means Japanese Koi representative breeders. And when it comes to the origin of Nishikigoi, Dainichi is the one who actually establishes the origin of Japanese Nishikigoi.

Owner Name : Futoshi Mano and Shigeru Mano

Area: Sanbusho, Ojiya City

Raising Area : 400,000 sq meters

No. Of Mud Ponds: 70 mud ponds

Mr. Minoru Mano founded Dainichi Koi Farm in the mid of 1900s. Dainichi Koi Farm is a well-established farm and is world-renowned and recognized as the founder of Japanese Nishikigoi.

Mr. Mano strived hard and devoted his life to establishing Dainichi Bloodlines like Dainichi Kohaku, Dainichi Showa, and Dainichi Sanke. It will be very fair if we call these three bloodlines, "Treasure of Nishikigoi industry." Many well known Koi breeders also use Dainichi bloodlines to start their own koi production. Later after the great Mr. Mano's death, his sons took the Dainichi Koi Farm to more levels of success.

The lineages that the Dainichi brothers use all originated from those three Dainichi bloodlines provided by their father. Moreover, Dainichi brothers are giving their heart and soul to expand the Farm not by just relying on the genealogy their father gave them but by producing their own parent because they believe that after 20 years, the hatching process decreases and the body of parent Koi become irregular.

Breeding Variety

At the moment Dainichi brothers are breeding:


  • Taisho Sanshoku


By carrying down the genealogy created by their father and creating their own, the Dainichi brothers aim to create koi with strong individuality and Dainichi features.

Dainichi Koi Farm - Achievement and Success

In the long history of nationwide contests, the Showa Sanshoku, the overall championship in 1991, became known as the remarkable Dainichi Showa. Reproducing its bloodline, the Mano Brothers, Futoshi, Hiroshi, and Shigeru, are now putting their heart and soul towards another overall victory. A Tosai Dainichi Showa possesses many elements in becoming Tategoi, so there is much expectation as to how it will change. Koi lovers worldwide know Dainichi Koi Farm as the maker of Showa champions such as "Sakura" and "Kokyugo."

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