Many breeders are now breeding various varieties of Nishikigoi, Some of them are doing so because of their business, and some are doing it as hobbies. Niigata is the most famous area of Japan as a lot of Koi farms are established there. Wada Koi farm is one of the oldest Koi farms that still exist in Niigata. The 5th generation of the Wada Family now runs the Wada Koi farm. Mr. Wada founded Wada Koi farm in the year 1920.


Owner name : Suguru Wada

Area: Uonuma, Niigata


Mr. Suguru Wada is the Wada Koi farm's current owner and dedicated his heart and soul to this farm. Being the 5th generation to won this wonderful farm, Wada Koi Farm has celebrated their 100 years completion this year. Wada koi farm is the original breeder of Asagi and still produces the best quality Asagi and some other Nishikigoi varieties.


Breeding Variety


Every breeder is known for his one or more unique breeds of Nishikigoi. Asagi is the bread and butter breed for Wada Koi Farm. But along with Asagi, Suguru Wada is also very keen on producing other varieties of Koi fish as well. Some of them are:



  • Sanke
  • Kujaku
  • Kohaku
  • Showa



Mr. Wada is putting a lot of hard work into the upbringing of his farm Koi fish. He grows very fine and high quality of Asagi and also likes to grow big Kujaku and Sanke. Back in 2017, Suguru Wada started harvesting Kirin, and he said in an interview that he is harvesting Kirin not for business but because of his hobby. Suguru Wada is also planning to create some new varieties using Kirin, for example, Kin Showa. So Mr. Wada is eyeing for something big in the future to take his farm to more success.



Wada Koi Farm - Achievement and Success


Wada Koi Farm has dominated in various Koi shows around japan with its unique Kirin and Asagi and won certain awards as well. At the 7th international junior koi show in April 2019, Wada koi farm's Kirin won a special prize of best in variety, two gold medals, one silver, and one Bronze medal as well.

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