Yagenji Koi Farm is one of the most leading and oldest Japanese fish business, running on through traditional successor customs. As far as the Japanese Koi is considered, the brother currently operating this farm has made great impacts on raising this breed counter to a much valuable extent.

Owner names: Daisuke Yaiichi & Toshinori Yaiichi

Owner Relation: Brothers

Mud Pond Quantity: 100+ Ponds

After the death of Yaiichi (Previous owner of the farm), his two sons, Daisuke and Toshinori (Tokko) kept nourishing the business to its full extent. However, the usual tradition of the Japanese is about the elder son taking over the business but this was not the thing between the brothers as they held accountable for their basic areas of expertise in the business.

Breeding Variety

Daisuke and Toshinori have made this farm a very busy place as it is producing a big number of varieties that include:

  • Shiro Utsuri
  • Soragoi
  • Ochiba
  • Doitsu Chagoi
  • Gin Rin Showa
  • Kohaku
  • Sanke
  • Showa
  • Chagoi

With this huge number of varieties, the place is not only aiming to make a fortune but it is also looking forward to extending its roots towards different areas of the country and probably the region.

Yagenji Koi Farm - Achievements and Success!

Yagenji Koi farm is a place of progress, as both the elder and younger brother have made quite a flawless struggle in prospering the business to a much greater level.

Mud ponds are not the end of the trail here as the owners have also hammered down their territory of the Koi fish breeding to include Tosai ponds as well.

Both the brothers have their own expertise as Daisuke has great skill in trade and share department because of his father, always teaching him as his mentor and receiving potential skill working at Momotaro fish Farms at the age of 22.

Although the other brother is a bit younger in age he himself has learned a lot regarding the trade while he was working in Hiroshima for Sakai Fish Farms at the age of 18.

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