Niigata is the world’s largest production area of Nishikigoi. For each breeder born and raised in Niigata, Nishikigoi is not only a business tool, but they are life itself. A lot of breeders are creating their very own and unique Nishikigoi in Niigata. There is almost no variety of Nishikigoi, which is not available in different farms of Niigata. Marudo Koi Farm is also one of these Farms that proved its success to the world.


Owner Name : Hisashi Hirasawa


Area: Nagaoka


Raising Area : 100,000 sq meter


Mr. Hisashi Hirasawa is a very hard working and self-motivated person who loves Koi right from his childhood. After his graduation from junior school, he joined Dainichi Koi Farm as 3rd employee. His father was already in the Koi business, but in 1970 after gaining experience from Dainichi, Mr. Hirasawa started his own Koi Farm with the name of Marudo koi farm and played an important role in establishing Dainichi as a Brand. In 1974 Mr. Hirasawa's oldest son Toshihiro started helping his father's Nishikigoi business. And in the year 2000 Daughter of Mr. Hirasawa also became a part of Marudo Koi Farm, helping her brother and father.


Breeding Variety


Mr. Hirasaw produces ten different varieties of Koi in his ponds. They mainly breed Gosanke. Along with these main breeds of Koi, Mr. Hirasawa also focuses on breeding some other varieties of Koi as well as:



  • Hikarimono



Marudo Koi Farm - Achievement and Success


Being the third generation farmer of the Marudo koi farm, Toshihiro Hirasawa is taking the farm to the next level of success. He is following his father's principle of producing beautiful Koi varieties. Their exports to foreign countries have recently grown at a rapid pace, and presently, as much as 90 percent of their production is exported, with the EU and China being primary destinations for their fish. Their annual koi production is also rapidly increasing as a result of their hard work.


It is important to note that foreign farmers are also making strides to increase their output and quality. This makes international competitions more and more competitive and requires a keen focus to produce first-rate Koi that clearly identify them as genuine Japanese Nishikigoi.

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