Atlantic Big Bahama FilterFalls

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In order to maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for fish and plants to thrive in, one requires filter falls powerful enough to handle the filtration such as the Atlantic Big Bahama Filter Falls. Beyond providing biological filtration, the Atlantic Big Bahama Filter Falls also creates visual qualities of a waterfall giving your pond a natural look.

Key Features of Atlantic Big Bahama Filter Falls

The Atlantic Big Bahama Filter Falls have been specially designed to camouflage with natural materials. They offer unique installation options, customizable filtration options and performance that every pond enthusiast will appreciate. Some of the key features include:

  • Dual Bio-Tech Filter Mats For Exceptional Biological Filtration
  • Sturdy Bottom Grate To Support Filter Media
  • Rugged High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Shell
  • Extra Wide Spillways For Dramatic Waterfalls
  • FIPT Bulkhead Fitting
  • Liner Attachment Flanges For Leak-Free Attachment Of Filter Falls To Pond Liner
  • Solid-Lip And Molded-In Inserts Ensure Watertight Attachment
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Open Swirl Chambers For Enhanced Water Flow Through Filter Media And Pad
  • Extra-Large Containers For Added Bacteria For Extra Water Cleaning
  • … and more!

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